Ask ChicagoNow: What is the best ongoing restaurant deal in Chicago?

Ask ChicagoNow: What is the best ongoing restaurant deal in Chicago?

ChicagoNow is a group of bloggers from all sorts of different backgrounds. One thing that helps tie them all together? Chicago.

With so much collective experience with the city, we’ve decided to put that knowledge to use by posing some of the oldest and most popular questions about Chicago to the group.

What is the best ongoing restaurant deal in Chicago?

“Not a restaurant, but food: 20% off concessions (including alcohol) the first hour after the gates open at Wrigley Field. I loved this deal years ago, and was shocked to learn last year that it still exists!” — Brett Baker, Dry it in the Water

“More of a “pub” deal. Guide’s on the southwest side, has on Sundays, $22 for a large pizza and 20 wings. Great for Hawks games, Bears games, etc. Has been that way for over a decade.” — Stephanie Esposito, Chicago Rucks

“Free cake from Portillo’s on your birthday. Or your child’s birthday, and you forgot to tell her about it.” — Julie VonderHeide Hammerle, Hammervision

“Chicago’s Pizza has a thing where if you order one extra large, I believe one topping pizza, you get a free large cheese one, which you can add toppings to at cost, there are three locations and it’s pretty good pizza, I find it MORE than passable and I’m from MANHATTAN, where we know SO much more about pizza than all of you, SO much, about THIN crust at least.” — Brian Kremen, ConFIdences

“Fogo de Chao – signup for their email list, and you will receive notices and $25 off coupons. You can use 1 coupon per two people, and I think you can use up to 3 coupons per table. Essentially, it’s buy one full churrasco experience, get the other one half price. I am always getting new ones.” — Marie Larsen, There’s a Bug In My Coffee

“Half-price pizza at D’Augustino’s in the Glen on Wednesday nights. Haven’t tried this place yet, but Garsillo’s in Hoffman Estates offers half-price on pasta dinners on Monday nights” — Judy Marcus, Opinionated Woman

“Nothing has replaced $13 beer-and-an-old-fashioned night at Old Fifth on Wednesdays; that place has been gone a year and a half, and that was my go-to ritual after choir practice every week. That said? I do really like going to Blue Line Lounge on Mondays, for $4 house wines. Pinot noir, get a bowl of the lobster mac and cheese…I’m in heaven.” — Nicolle Neulist, Picks & Ponderings

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