Ask ChicagoNow: Where are the best places to use the bathroom in Chicago?

Ask ChicagoNow: Where are the best places to use the bathroom in Chicago?

ChicagoNow is a group of bloggers from all sorts of different backgrounds. One thing that helps tie them all together? Chicago.

With so much collective experience with the city, we’ve decided to put that knowledge to use by posing some of the oldest and most popular questions about Chicago to the group.

Where are the best places to use the bathroom in Chicago?

“The trough at Wrigley.” — Mark Andel, Hot Dog Diaries

“The troughs at Wrigley are hard to beat. But there’s a single-user ‘bathroom’ just behind the chancel of Rockefeller Chapel. It was obviously installed as an afterthought for anyone to use right before or during a service. It’s tucked into a corner where the ceiling slopes so much that I can’t stand up straight when inside. There are exposed bricks and wooden slats, and it’s always about 100 degrees inside on the single day in June when I have the opportunity to visit it.” — Brett Baker, Dry it in the Water

“The flocked wallpaper in the bathrooms at Owen & Engine is really beautiful.” — Kim Cavill, Sex Positive Parent

“Starbucks bathrooms are pretty good, since they’re usually private and you can lock all the idiots out while you do your thing. And here’s another tip for public bathrooms, bring some wet wipes with you to wipe down the seat, or, failing that, wet some tp and put some soap on it and clean the seat before, and if you’re a good samaritan also after you use”. — Brian Kremen, ConFIdences

“The rest rooms on the 95th floor of the John Hancock Building.” — April Davis Leachman, Chicago On the Radar

“The Palmer House,” Judy Marcus, Opinionated Woman

“Home! Always home!” — Howard Moore, I’ve Got The Hippy Shakes

“They renovated the bathrooms at the Medici on 57th a few years ago, and they’re so much better than when I was in college. There are spacious single-stall toilets, a central room with a sink, and plenty of wall space on which to scribble your best (or worst) thoughts with chalk.” — Nicolle Neulist, Picks & Ponderings

“I’ve always been able to hold it in when I was in public. Not on purpose but I just never had to go until I got home!” — Sabrina Nixon, Purple Reigns: How to Live a Full Life with Lupus

“The bathrooms near the bar at the Peninsula, and they’re an easy crawl from the bar”. — Bob Schneider, Politics Now

“I have run, walked, and driven around the city for extended periods of time so I’m kind of an expert on finding no-cost/no-purchase-required bathrooms in the city…public libraries, parks/park buildings, book stores (good luck finding one), and department stores are the best. Grocery store bathrooms, are in general, pretty yucky – except for Aldi, I find them to have clean, spacious bathrooms.” — Angela Soriano, less than perfect

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