Ask ChicagoNow: What is the best Chicago restaurant open after midnight?

Ask ChicagoNow: What is the best Chicago restaurant open after midnight?

ChicagoNow is a group of bloggers from all sorts of different backgrounds. One thing that helps tie them all together? Chicago.

With so much collective experience with the city, we’ve decided to put that knowledge to use by posing some of the oldest and most popular questions about Chicago to the group.

What is the best Chicago restaurant open after midnight?

“The Full Moon located in Lake Bluff. It’s a truck stop on Rte. 41 that we frequented in college for late night study breaks. Because I still live near there, it’s a great go to spot when I don’t want to cook. Plus, they provide free Thanksgiving dinner to everyone as their way of saying thank you for the years of loyalty the community has shown them.” — Jessica Gardner, Little Merry Sunshine

“I tend to like the Golden Nugget for diner food, but Furious Spoon, at least in Logan Square and probably elsewhere is open till one, and 2 on Fridays and 3 on Saturdays, pretty good Ramen, pretty damned good.” — Brian Kremen, ConFIdences

“One of my all time favorite junk food spots in the entire world: Five Faces on Division and State. Every single fried item you could ever dream of.” — Amy Litterski, Scribbling of Thoughts

“Diner Grill, though I’m not sure it’s open again after a fire some time ago.” — Bill Mayeroff, Pints and Pups

“I have fond memories of a 2 am meal at Flash Tacos… But I am not sure if it was the food, the company, or my previous commitment to beer that made it memorable.” — Ana Martin Sagredo, Foreign Affairs: Children Edition

“Miller’s Pub”. — Floyd Sullivan, Waiting4Cubs

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