Ask ChicagoNow: What is the best nickname for Chicago?

Ask ChicagoNow: What is the best nickname for Chicago?

ChicagoNow is a group of bloggers from all sorts of different backgrounds. One thing that helps tie them all together? Chicago.

With so much collective experience with the city, we’ve decided to put that knowledge to use by posing some of the oldest and most popular questions about Chicago to the group.

What is the best nickname for Chicago?

“Chi-Town is the equivalent of Frisco or Bean Town. Chicago – good enough for the city and the great band it begat (well, they were great for the first for 10 years, anyway).” — Michelle Babicz, Planet Michelle

“As a girl from the suburbs, I like “the city”. It felt almost mystical to say as a kid.” — Rachel Benn, Life Imitates Heart

“Chiberia! And Chi-Town….City on the Make, Nelson Algren called it….” — Chicago Weather Watch

“I HATE the Chi-Town label. The city doesn’t need any gimmicky monikers. It’s real. Authentic. No pretenses about it. The only time I ever hear that label is from people not from around here. Just say ‘the city’ or ‘Chicago’ and be proud.” — Abbie Claire, The Armchair Cook

“City in a Garden – Our green space and the number of parks in Chicago out numbers any other city. Public golf courses, huge parks, lake front, beaches, and the nature oasis and riverfront walk are all amazing. My second favorite is The City that Works. Although we now see the parts that fell through, the city always seemed to be a well oiled machine. When something was needed it got done. Either on a large scale or a small level, everyone ‘knew a guy’. We also have to live in the city to work for the city and people take pride in that.” — Stephanie Esposito, Chicago Rucks

“Chiberia is pretty funny, you have to admit…” — Helaine Karlin Krysik, Adventures of a Mom Entrepreneur

“City of the big shoulders. It’s from a Carl Sandburg poem about Chicago. I think it says a lot about our own abilities as a city, not just our sporting representatives.” — Margaret Laing, Margaret Serious

“One I’d heard recently is “Fresh Coast”. Not sure how I feel about it.” — Amy Litterski, Scribbling of Thoughts

“Chi-beria is pretty accurate these days.” — Judy Marcus, Opinionated Woman

“Hate Chi-Town. Loathe Chiraq. Love ‘the city of broad shoulders’ and ‘the city that works’ and ‘city in a garden.’ Home, really. And how could I forget ‘my kind of town?'” — Mary Tyler Mom

“Lately Chiberia, it’s just so fitting. And I am fairly certain it’s been warmer there these past two weeks.” — MBA Mom

“Hate Chi-town and love City of Big Shoulders or Windy City.” — Kathy Ammermann Mordini, Raining Cats and Dogs

“Chi-Town! It sounds more hip and because I’m from the hood, that’s all I knew it to be.” — Sabrina Nixon, Purple Reigns: How to Live a Full Life with Lupus

“The Windy City. I like its cadence.” — Jerry Partacz, The Quark In The Road

“Hog Butcher to the World; even if those times are long gone.” — Les Raff, Getting More From Les

“The city with big shoulders. To me, it says strength and resilience”. — Bob Schneider, Politics Now

“My favorite nickname for Chicago is Chi-Town. I am not sure why since it is the same amount of letters and maybe even more with the hyphen but it sounds cool. I grew up in Erie where there was never a nickname so maybe that’s why.” — Susan Schulhof, Looking for the Good

“We discussed my favorite before – The Second City. Or maybe we should go back to our roots and embrace The Big Onion?” — Angela Soriano, less than perfect

“Not exactly a nickname, but I always liked, ‘NYC says if I can make it here I can make it anywhere.’ In Chicago we say, ‘if you can’t make it here, you can’t make it anywhere.’ Regarding actual nicknames, they’re all okay with me. I once lived in a town whose nickname was ‘Shit town.’ It wasn’t Chicago.” — Floyd Sullivan, Waiting4Cubs

“The City has always worked for me.” — Very Terry

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