Will Smith details Michael Jordan's competitiveness, cheapness

Will Smith details Michael Jordan's competitiveness, cheapness

Micahel Jordan’s competitiveness is well-documented. At his Hall of Fame enshrinement, Jordan told those in attendance to not be surprised if he made a comeback at the age of 50.

Though MJ at 50 in the NBA never materialized, his competitive spirit lives on — at least according to actor Will Smith, who recently appeared on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” to promote his new movie “Bright,” that will be released on Netflix.

“It’s like…just a competition,” Smith told Kimmel what hanging out with Jordan is like. “Mike and Tiger [Woods] are the two most competitive people I’ve ever met on Earth.”

And the competitions expand to many areas.

“Like Mike will compete with anything, though,” Smith continued. “If we drinking water, Mike will be like, ‘I’ll race you.'”

“You can’t beat Mike at anything. If he can’t beat you, he’s not going to play.”

“It’s another command of their minds,” Smith said about both Jordan and Woods. “You see why they win because of that kind of mindset.”

Where does Jordan’s competitiveness end according to Smith?

“He’s not good at [picking up the check],” Smith said in response to Kimmel’s question of if Jordan races to grab the bill while out to eat. “Somehow you always get your hands to the check before Mike.”

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