Redditors share the one unpopular Chicago thing they support

Redditors share the one unpopular Chicago thing they support

Not unlike our new Ask ChicagoNow feature, the Chicago-focused community on Reddit was asked to share the one unpopular Chicago thing that they support.

“I am all for red light and speed cameras as my personal, unqualified belief is this kind of enforcement does not need active attention from cops who can better serve by focusing on actual crime,” the original poster shared to kick things off.

“People like to talk [s***] about the CTA, but mass transit runs better in Chicago than any other city I’ve lived in,” a top commenter wrote.

“Removing people’s dibs garbage from the street,” another person posted. “The sugary drink tax,” a Redditor from Pilsen shared. “I only paid it once buying pop for my girlfriend whom I can’t convince to kick the habit. As regressive a tax as it was, I believe that sugary drinks and obesity need to be treated as a health epidemic with addictive qualities.”

“I don’t particularly hate the rats,” a bold commenter wrote. “Yes, they’re gross and they need to stay in the alleyways but I always kind of laugh a little when I spot one.”

And the simplest unpopular thing that one Redditor was brave enough to say they support?

“White Sox.”

Take a look at the entire conversation over on Reddit.

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