Robbie Gould stayed sharp on field goals using bizarre practice method

Robbie Gould stayed sharp on field goals using bizarre practice method

Robbie Gould hasn’t kicked for the Bears since the 2015 season, but his shadow has been felt in Chicago as the 35-year-old has been tremendous for the San Francisco 49ers in 2017. Over the course of that same timeframe, the Bears have churned through a few different kickers and none of them appear to be in the team’s future plans.

How has Gould maintained such excellence throughout his career? As Jack Silverstein brought up on Twitter recently, Gould once honed his skills with a unique practice method.

“We were on the sideline and he wanted to warm up, but we only had one field because we were at [Olivet Nazarene University’s] stadium field,” former Bears punter Adam Podlesh told Red Eye in 2013. “We didn’t have a goal post at the time because we had [offense and defense] out practicing.

“So he said to one of the ball boys, ‘Just run down to the end line and put your arms up.’ Like, to make a goal post. He was about 45 yards out. We do six or seven kicks in a row … and Robbie puts every single one of them between the kid’s arms like 45 yards down the field.”

It’s not uncommon for elite kickers to last until the age of 40 in the NFL — Adam Vinatieri of the Indianapolis Colts will turn 45 at the end of December — so Gould very well could have a few good years ahead of him.

Especially considering what Podlesh told Silverstein back in 2013.

“Those would be the greatest kicks I’ve ever seen,” Podlesh said. “Didn’t miss one.”

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