ChicagoNow's 20 Best Posts of November, 2017

Each month, ChicagoNow holds a contest to select the best blog posts throughout ChicagoNow. Out of over 1,000 posts published during the month of October, here are the 20 judged to be the best.

Thanks to everybody who created and submitted posts, and congratulations to the winners!

To go back and read the last six year’s worth of winners go here and here.

Here are the rules:

– Bloggers may submit up to two posts: One of their own posts / One from any other ChicagoNow blog.
– The post must have been published during the month of October.
– We look at the quality of content, quality of writing, overall creativity, quality of headline and presentation.
– We don’t consider how much traffic a post has received, reader comments, responses to reader comments or the number of Facebook “likes” or times a post is sent out on Twitter.

Becoming SuperMommy: Look out, here’s an abortion rant…

Between Us Parents: How parenting feels like one long goodbye

Candid Candace: Playmates, friends and family pay loving tribute to Hugh Hefner in LA and Chicago

Closeted in the Suburbs: Don’t let Kevin Spacey ruin coming out

Foreign Affairs: Children Edition: Why I decided to become a US citizen in the Trump era

Hammervision: When your hero touches someone inappropriately…

Listing Beyond Forty: Even strong women cry (sometimes at work)

Lists That Actually Matter: A Guy’s Guide on how to Help Prevent Sexual Harassment

Mary Tyler Mom: That Time My Turkey Platter Made Me Cry

MBA Mom: Let’s talk about the new 104.3 JAMS

No Wire Hangers, Ever: Everyone Is Really Courageous, When Hiding Behind Their Keyboard.

Oh, Life!: We introverts are misunderstood

Politics Now: Saying goodbye doesn’t get easier with time

Portrait of an Adoption: A Letter To My Father

Quilting Sewing Creating: Explaining to my granddaughter why I cannot throw a ball

The Barbershop: Dennis Byrne, Proprietor: Groped? It’s the culture, stupid

The Patriotic Dissenter: Colin Kaepernick Ideals, Stances are More Popular than You Think

Token Female: Sexual Harassment…and What I’ve Learned #MeToo

Where Are We Going So Fast?: When your kids become your heroes

You Know Neen: Living Gratefully When Mom Has Cancer

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