Bill Simmons lists Nikola Mirotic as an MVP favorite

Bill Simmons lists Nikola Mirotic as an MVP favorite

And some people didn’t even consider he might be joking.

Maybe if Bill Simmons had put Nikola Mirotic ahead of LeBron James and James Harden people would have seen he was being a bit satirical?

“Giannis over Mirotic!” one Twitter user responded. “Niko is not in this conversation, ever.”

“Bulls undefeated with Niko,” someone else replied, goading the first responder.

“Shouldn’t Bobby Portis be in the conversation or at least co-mvp for knocking some sense/skill into Mirotic?” another person asked, pointing out why the tweet was so much fun in the first place.

Ever since Mirotic returned from an injury that was caused by teammate Bobby Portis punching him in the face, the Bulls are 7-0 and one of the hottest teams in the NBA.

The winning is likely to end soon — the Bulls are only 10-20 despite the seven-straight wins. But, in a season that was destined to be noteworthy for tanking reasons only, Mirotic, and some of his other promising teammates, have given fans a little bit of fun in December and potentially a taste of some of the success that is to come.

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