ChicagoNow's 20 best posts of September, 2017

Each month, ChicagoNow holds a contest to select the best blog posts throughout ChicagoNow. Out of over 1,000 posts published during the month of September, here are the 20 judged to be the best.

Thanks to everybody who created and submitted posts, and congratulations to the winners!

To go back and read the last six year’s worth of winners go here and here.

Here are the rules:

– Bloggers may submit up to two posts: One of their own posts / One from any other ChicagoNow blog.
– The post must have been published during the month of September.
– We look at the quality of content, quality of writing, overall creativity, quality of headline and presentation.
– We don’t consider how much traffic a post has received, reader comments, responses to reader comments or the number of Facebook “likes” or times a post is sent out on Twitter.

Adventures of a Mom Entrepreneur: I want my kids to fail

Affirmed Mom: I forget my son is transgender

Atheist U: Why I am an Atheist

Between Us Parents: Thanks, Kristen Bell, for the master class on how to handle adversity

Candid Candace: Losing Hef by a Bunny who loved him

Comedians Defying Gravity: Talking with Jim Gaffigan about his dramatic career turn, the art of comedy, and his upcoming visit to hometown Chicago

Comedy, Tragedy or Me? I am not struggling with depression

Foreign Affairs: Children Edition: Two legs and an ocean

From Overalls to Stilettos: A tale of two Homecomings

Grateful Girl: The First Time I Heard About This, I Threw Up a Little

I’m Not OK, Cupid: Part I of Rock Bottom: My Experience in the Troubled Teen Industry

It’s Never Just Black and White: Major League Baseball Champagne Celebrations for Playoff Clinching are Stupid

The Little Voice That Lives In My Head: An Open Letter To The Person Standing Behind Me In An Exercise Class

Manhood Is Mental: Gracefully Declining the Role of the Villain

Mary Tyler Mom: Rotted Teeth

No Name In The Street: There is One Effective Way to Support Colin Kaepernick

Not Your Typical: To The Woman In The Deli Who Told Me To Leave My Autistic Kid At Home

Opinionated Woman: I love Toni Preckwinkle and it has nothing to do with the soda tax

Pen Name: Mom: Addicted to My Cure: Outpatient Impatience

Planet Michelle: Two years a blogger – lessons learned, lessons spurned.

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