Blogapalooz-Hour XLIV: "Write about something you hate to use or rely on but can't do without"

On one Wednesday every month ChicagoNow bloggers participate in “Blogapalooz-Hour,” an optional writing exercise in which at a specific time a topic unknown to the bloggers is sent out.

Whoever decides to partake must conceive, write and then publish a post exactly one hour later.

The May, 2017 topic: “Write about something you hate to use or rely on but can’t do without”


Cancer Is Not A Gift: How many calendars does it take to get me to an appointment?

Chicago On the Radar: Vacuuming is a dreaded chore, but I guess I have to suck it up

Comedians Defying Gravity: Our Lady of the Chicken

Design Sense: Independent…Or, Dependent, Right?

Dutch Alien Lands in the U.S.: The meds and tests I had to take to figure out what was wrong with me: IBS, fibromyalgia and maybe RA.

Inside the Wrapper: My love/hate relationship with my computer

Looking for the Good: Is it good to rely on others?

Planet Michelle: Blogapalooz-Hour vol. XLIV – Just call me Maybelline – my love/hate relationship with makeup

Quilting Sewing Creating: I wish I was not a sugar addict

Raising Teens Right: Fighting The Demon Hidden Within Me

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