Blogapalooz-Hour XLII: "Write about what, why and how you procrastinate"

On one Wednesday every month ChicagoNow bloggers participate in “Blogapalooz-Hour,” an optional writing exercise in which at a specific time a topic unknown to the bloggers is sent out.

Whoever decides to partake must conceive, write and then publish a post exactly one hour later.

The March, 2017 topic: “Write about what, why and how you procrastinate”


ArkieLad: Procrastination and planning are not mutually exclusive

Dry it in the Water: I Can’t Help Wasting Time Before Writing

The Everyday Me: I hate to admit I procrastinate, but not for reasons you think

I’ve Got The Hippy Shakes: Is playing video games instead of writing procrastinating?

Life Imitates Heart: If college didn’t teach you the art of procrastination, you’re a liar

Life is a TV Dinner: I’m going to. Soon. I promise. Really. In a minute…

Looking for the Good: What, Why, How, Where and Who

Ms. Crankypants and the City: Why do I procrastinate? I’ll tell you tomorrow

Politics Now: I just don’t wanna

South Side Sports Chick: I’ve Procrastinated for 4 years -of Getting Rid of Sh#t I Don’t Need

Ups And Downs Of A Yoga Mom: I don’t procrastinate except for these three things

The Urban Landlady: Procrastination: outsmarting the nirvana fallacy

The Wanderer: I need to get healthy but I’m procrastinating.

Workplace Wilderness: All in good time

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