Blogapalooz-Hour XLI: "Write about a book or publication that is special to you or has had a big impact on your life"

On the last Wednesday of every month ChicagoNow bloggers participate in “Blogapalooz-Hour,” an optional writing exercise in which at a specific time a topic unknown to the bloggers is sent out.

Whoever decides to partake must conceive, write and then publish a post exactly one hour later.

The February, 2017 topic: “Write about a book or publication that is special to you or has had a big impact on your life.”


Cancer Is Not A Gift: e.e. cummings offers a way into the heart

Candid Candace: With the flick of a wand, my love for books was born

Chicago On the Radar: A Book That Keeps Me in Line

Dry it in the Water: Our Family’s Long Relationship With Where the Wild Things Are

The Everyday Me: Experiencing God, the most life changing book I’ve ever read

less than perfect: ‘The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test’

Life is a TV Dinner: Are You the Stranger?

Listing Beyond Forty: Women Pulitzer Playwrights, a short book for a short list

The Little Voice That Lives In My Head: Three Children’s Books I Am Ready to Retire

LitzyDitz: Journal, Schmournal: What a girl would give for her diaries

Live What You Love: My First Blogapalooz-Hour: Success or Failure?

Looking for the Good: Get Lost In Doing What You Love

Ms. Crankypants and the City: Pregnant and Afraid? Maybe this book will help

Out of the Loop: The McLaughlin Group and Catholic Worker: On Display Today

Picks & Ponderings: Life, Death, and Words

Planet Michelle: The three books that made me ME

Quilting Sewing Creating: Les Miserables is a novel which has guided me through life

Raising Teens Right: How Spider Impacted My Life

Reflections of a Chicago Life: Let’s Talk Books (Blogapalooz-Hour: Volume XLI)

Un-Tech: “Thinking Fast and Slow” Changed How I Think about Thinking

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