Inauguration Day: Letters to President Trump from President Obama

It’s a longstanding tradition for the outgoing president to write a letter for the incoming president and leave it in the Oval Office for when the new president arrives. The letters that President Clinton and President George W. Bush left their successors were made public for the first time just this morning.

The ChicagoNow blogging community took a shot at what President Obama might have written in his letter to President Trump (a few of the letters go in a slightly different direction).

Dry it in the Water: The Oval Office Letter from Obama to Trump

Spiritual Suckitude: Dear lovely, well-meaning white people… A letter from President Obama.

Sex Positive Parent: To Donald Trump, who’s in too deep

Ms. Crankypants and the City: Obama’s welcome letter to Trump: A few tips on being President

Health Care Mythologies: Obama’s Letter to Trump

The Little Voice That Lives In My Head: “Dear Donald” Letter Obama May Want To Leave On His Way Out The Door

Looking for the Good: With hope

From the Ego of Steven: “The people of the United States are unaware of the choice we face”: A letter from Obama on Trump’s Inauguration Day

Hot Dog Diaries: Letter to President Trump from President Obama

Pantry to Plate: Putin’s president

chirish chatter: Dear Donald, Sorry about the carpet stains. Regards, Barack

Retired in Chicago: Dear Donald

Writing My Mind: Dear Mr. Trump

The Chicago Board of Tirade: An Open Letter from President Barack Obama to His Successor

Talking to the World: A Letter of Welcome From President Barack Obama to President Donald J. Trump

I’ve Got The Hippy Shakes: My letter to President Trump

The Stable Mables: A Mable Take on Obama’s Letter to Trump

Politics Now: The letter I would hope President Obama left for President Trump

Very Terry: A letter of hope to Melanija Knavs Trump

Planet Michelle: A letter to President Trump from President Obama’s 11-year-old friend on his behalf

The Wanderer: To President Trump: A letter from President Obama

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