Blogapalooz-Hour XXXX: “Write about the first time you felt like you were a grown-up”

On the last Wedneday of every month ChicagoNow bloggers participate in “Blogapalooz-Hour,” an optional writing exercise in which at a specific time a topic unknown to the bloggers is sent out.

Whoever decides to partake must conceive, write and then publish a post exactly one hour later.

The January, 2017 topic: “Write about the first time you felt like you were a grown-up”


The Bright Side of Chicago: The First Time I Felt Like an Adult

Comedy, Tragedy or Me? What exactly does it mean to be a grown up?

Chicago Rucks: Adulting in Rugby

Ups And Downs Of A Yoga Mom: The first time I felt like a grown up

PoliticsNow: My transition from child to grownup many years ago

Looking for the Good: Daddy’s little girl

LitzyDitz: Maturity, Schmaturity: A New Kind of Grown Up

Go 2 Mommy: That one time I thought I was grown, until I really grew up

One Cause At A Time: How A Chicago Guy Grew Up in St. Louis

Dry it in the Water: Is it Better to Be an Adult or a Kid?

Quilting Sewing Creating: I knew I was a grown-up at age 22

That Foster Family: Am I An Adult?

The Little Voice That Lives In My Head: A Few Qualities It Takes To Be A Grown-Up

Riding The Waves: The First Time I Felt Like A Grown Up

Ms. Crankypants and the City: A grownup in grad school: The radical difference between me and my peers

Design Sense: Growing Up & Becoming Capable

The Wanderer: Travel Made Me Feel Grown Up

You Know Neen: Realizing My Parents Were People Grew Me Up – Real Quick

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