This Blogger Life: "Seeing the other side"

We’ve launched a new weekly feature on ChicagoNow called “This Blogger Life” because the idea, as is quite obvious, is derived from “This American Life.”

Each week a broad theme will be given to the bloggers, who can take it and write a blog post interpreting the topic in any way they want. As the posts come in they’ll be added to the ones below.

This week’s theme: “Seeing the other side”

Margaret Serious: No 90-degree days? Fine with me!
Summary: In defense of our cooler summer temperatures. Honestly, it could be worse – remember the Polar Vortex?

Talking to the World: Through Russian Eyes
Summary: Laura interviews Alex from Russia to get  his perspective on life, the conflict in the Ukraine, America, and a lot more.

An Unquiet Chicagoan: An apology for naysaying the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge
Summary: Jocelyn explores why you shouldn’t let fear get in the way of seeing the positive benefits of ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

High Gloss and Sauce: Code red: Conflict in the gym childcare center
Summary: A trip to gym helps to put priorities in perspective for Jenna.

The Acrimonious Clown: Seeing the other side: My day without my cellphone
Summary: Get a glimpse at what it’s like for Tim, a self proclaimed phone-aholic, to leave his cell phone at home for a day.

Cancer Is Not A Gift: Life in the slow lane
Summary: Kerri was all about speed and efficiency until an accident while walking her dog forced her to slow down.

Still Advocating: Seeing the other side: Helpful in life, but maybe not in blogging
Summary: Laurie examines whether seeing the other side is an asset to her blogging career, or just her personal life.

Whistling While We Work: The other side of knowing it all
Summary: Jeremy shares how went from thinking he knew it all as a teen to embracing that he knows less and less as an adult.

Ms. Crank Pants and the City: Seeing the other side: Funeral director turned artist creates Umbrellas for Peace
Summary: A story a of a funeral director who left his profession to pursue his true passion as an artist.

My Spirited Girl: Why does the grass always seem greener on the other side especially in motherhood?
Summary: Angie writes about finding balance in parenting, and seeming to always want what you don’t have.

Chicago Weather Watch: The other side of blogging — other blogs I like to read
Summary: A large part of being a member of a blogging community is reading other blogs — Weather Girl shares her favorites.

Just Getting Started: Seeing the other side: Journalists as heroes
Summary: Bill explores the notion that the heroes on the front line of terrorism go beyond soldiers in uniforms, to include journalists that risk their lives to keep the public informed.

Healthy or  Bust: Seeing the other side of autoimmune disease and depression
Summary: Melanie shares how being diagnosed with an autoimmune disease has given her a new outlook on life.

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