This Blogger Life: "Breaking the rules"

Welcome to “This Blogger Life,” where each week ChicagoNow bloggers are given a broad theme from which they can write a blog post interpreting the topic in any way they want. As the posts come in they’ll be added to the ones below.

This week’s theme: “Breaking the rules”

The Expat Mamma: Breaking the rules: I won’t be forced to vaccinate my child
Summary: Claire’s decision to not vaccinate her child was not something she took lightly.

There’s a Bug In My Coffee: Being a Christian doesn’t make me a conformist
Summary: Marie describes herself as a ultra-conservative, Bible-believing Christian who doesn’t like breaking rules. But there are grey areas, and you may be surprised what they are.

Soapbox Momma: Breaking The Rules…Of Sane Behavior
Summary: Guns are everywhere in the United States, and Leslie can’t understand why our country has this obsession.

Fat Mommy Runs: Breaking my own rules and admitting that I am not invincible
Summary: Amy broke all of the rules (aka goals) she set for herself in August, but she plans to keep setting them even if it means breaking them.

Tween Us: Review of Popular: Vintage Wisdom for a Modern Geek, the tale of a tween who broke the rules of middle school
Summary: Shannan reviews the book that tells the story of a modern girl who used old-fashioned rules in an attempt to become popular.

Animals Know! The One Grammar Rule You Should Break!
Summary: Denise’s cat, Tony, is a “he” and not an “it” despite what the rules of grammar would dictate.

One Cause At A Time: Breaking the Rules: How the Ice Bucket Challenge Hurts NonProfits
Summary: Gordon thinks the Ice Bucket Challenge is harmful to non-profits so he started his own “Funny Cat Challenge.”

Whistling While We Work: Special Post: Everybody’s favorite rule breaker
Summary: Rules are made to be broken, and Jeremy has broken a few. But it’s which ones you break them and how you break them that matters.

Coming to Terms: Breaking the Rules of the Ice Bucket Challenge
Summary: Did you know there are actual rules for the Ice Bucket Challenge? Well, there are and Katie broke four of them.

The Chicago Board of Tirade: Breaking the rules is a matter of perception
Summary: Bob believes in the rule of law, but he also has a “touch of anarchy” in him.

Illinois Outdoors: Breaking the rules… Eating my way across the Northwoods
Summary: Don is supposed to be on a diet, but his job presents him many chances to eat the foods he loves. So he’s eating what he wants, damn the consequences.

An Unquiet Chicagoan: You’ve Got To Know When To Hold ‘Em, Know When To Fold ‘Em
Summary: Jocelyn breaks more than one rule, including her own about not talking about cancer. Because cancer really does suck.

Still Advocating: Breaking the Rules in Early Childhood Education
Summary: Rules are important, especially for preschoolers. But Laurie writes that it’s just as important to view the breaking of rules as a teachable moment and not just something that’s punitive.

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