ChicagoNow's best posts of September, 2013

One of the hardest things we do as community managers is try to pick from among all the incredible posts nominated each month to our best post contest. This month was no different, so many posts to choose from and only 10 spots to fill. Here now are the top 10 posts by ChicagoNow bloggers last month, followed by the top five:

The Rules
– Bloggers may submit up to two posts: One of their own posts / One from any other ChicagoNow blog.
– The post must have been published during the month of June.
– We look at the quality of content, quality of writing, overall creativity, quality of headline and presentation.
– We don’t consider how much traffic a post has received, reader comments, responses to reader comments or the number of Facebook “likes” or times a post is sent out on Twitter.

Without further ado, the top 10:

Training the Wolf: Three reasons you should hug a hunter today

Mary Tyler Mom: Dr Stew’s Story: What not to ask me at a party

The Magic of Writing:  How a Muslim feels about 9/11

CTA Tattler: CTA Ventra card: Big problems with online activation – and how to do it right

Token Female: Five things you never say to a childless woman

Cubs Den: Cubs top prospects 1-10

Pop Buzz: Letter to my father, Bill Adkins: Go to hell

Baby Sideburns: Dear parents who don’t think it’s fair to ban nuts from school

Old Single Mom: Sorry Suburbus, but I’m sticking with Chicago Public Schools!

Soul to Soul Perspective: Man arrested who stole our car: Surprising irony

And the top five:

Third place:  Training the Wolf: Three reasons you should hug a hunter today
Why: Rick and I have determined that we’re never going to agree on the issue of hunting, but I  have nothing but respect for the strength of his arguments and his passion for the sport. This was a well-reasoned, well-written piece talking about the good that hunters do for the world.  A tip of the cap for pointing out the role hunting plays in things that are important to all of us.

Third place:  Pop Buzz: Letter to my father, Bill Adkins: Go to hell
Why: If we gave out a monthly award for bravery, this post would have won, hands down. Honest, heart-wrenching, and frank, LaShonda tells the truth about what it was like to grow up knowing that her father wasn’t the man the public thought he was. I hope her father read this post. I hope it matters to him.

Third place: Cubs Den: Cubs top prospects: 1-10
Why:  This has been a rough year for Cubs fans, and through it all, Cubs Den has been keeping our hope afloat with an eye to the future. This post is a great example of what Cubs Den does so well — breaking down the prospects and their development for the fans. This post came at a time when Cubs fans had just about hit rock bottom, and it was a welcome boost to our spirits.

Second place:  The Magic of Writing: How a Muslim feels about 9/11
Why: This is a beautiful post about what it was like to be a Muslim child in the wake of 9/11. It’s hauntingly written, and full of  imagery, as well as brutal honesty about the way Muslim Americans were treated following 9/11. The last line of the post “That somewhere in the sands of India lies my heart,” has stuck with me as an especially lovely phrase. Excellent, excellent writing.

First place: Mary Tyler Mom: Dr. Stew’s story: What not to ask me at a party
Why:  What can I say about this post that can’t be said about Sheila’s entire September series on pediatric cancer? Everyone of these stories laid us bare, from the children who survived to the ones who didn’t to the doctors who treat them. This post was nominated by many of you because Dr. Stew’s story, despite all the sadness in his life, wasn’t a sad one. It was a story of joy and success and how blessed he feels to work in a job that many of us can’t imagine being able to emotionally survive. His story was brave, honest, and humble. It struck chord in many of us. Congrats to Dr. Stew!

Congrats to everyone who was nominated this month. Lots of great writing out there!

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