ChicagoNow's best photo gallery posts of June, 2013

Each month, ChicagoNow holds a contest to select the best photo gallery blog posts. Here are the five judged to be the best photo gallery posts of the month. Thanks to everybody who created and submitted their galleries, and congratulations to the winners!

The Rules
– The photo gallery must be the prime option for which you tell your story in the post.
– At least seven photos must be used in a gallery for it to qualify.
– Judging is based on originality, quality of the storytelling, overall creativity and the use of photos and captions.

Geek Girl Chicago: 7 Geeky Trends that Died in My Lifetime… and Why I’m GLAD

Why: I liked the idea and the choices a lot, it was a fun post for that alone. What set this apart was Lauren’s great commentary about the role these items played in her life many, many (OK, not that many) years ago.

Ups and Downs of a Yoga Mom: Vegetables and herbs you can grow in your yard or your porch

Why: Check out the links in the captions, each one links back to a post previously written by Beth. This is a post that works so much better because we get to see what each plant looks like, so if you’re really trying to learn about vegetables and herbs for your garden you get to see all of them here in one place.

Chicago Bears Huddle: Ranking the Chicago Bears’ roster 1-53

Why: Great analysis and love the countdown to who Adam’s choice is for No. 1. This could work as a traditional post but doing it as a slideshow makes it a lot more fun to see all the players as well as guess at who is coming up next.

ArkieLad: Chicago Festivals: 10 Things you are sure to notice

Why: I’m a sucker for “the people you see at” posts, and this is a great one by David. Loved the photo choices, the commentary and the fact that I’ve seen a lot of these types of people at festivals all over Chicago.

Lists That Actually Matter: 7 Reasons Baby Boomers are the Worst Generation

Why: From the headline to the photo choices to the biting social commentary, this is an awesome post in just about every way. It takes a brave soul to take on an entire generation.

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