ChicagoNow's best gallery posts of May, 2013

Each month, ChicagoNow holds a contest to select the best photo gallery blog posts. The criteria for the best gallery post is as follows:

– The photo gallery must be the prime option for which you tell your story in the post.
– At least seven photos must be used in a gallery for it to qualify.
– Judging is based on originality, quality of the storytelling, overall creativity and the use of photos and captions.

Here are the five judged to be the best photo gallery posts of the month. Thanks to everybody who created and submitted their galleries, and congratulations to the winners!

Being Catholic, Really: Seven Questions I Wish I asked my Dad

Why: I loved this post the second I saw it and couldn’t quite put my finger on why it was so appealing, and then it hit me: I could imagine Pam sitting on a train, at home or wherever she happened to be, actually typing out these thoughts to her dad. This post would have worked just fine without the images, but the images gave it an emotional element and brought it to life.

The World of Kafka (The Bulldog): Moving with a dog to a new home: 9 tips for success and how Kafka rebelled anyway

Why: The best posts are often the ones that not only tell a story, but are also helping other people through the storytelling. How to move a new dog to a new home isn’t something I ever thought about but can see how it’s important. Reading about Kafka’s journey was a lot of fun, and for dog owners the tips in the captions throughout the post were very helpful.

When You Put It That Way: Vintage, flea and antique markets: my new obsession and there are plenty right here!

Why: This was a surprisingly personal post as Teppi takes you inside her home to show all the things she’s purchased over the years at flea and antique markets. The desriptions and prices make it very useful for readers to know what they can hope to obtain, and getting to see the actual items is especially great.

Listing Toward Forty: A gallery of old technology: Do you remember TRS-80?

Why: Sometimes, it’s just fun to look at old stuff to bring back memories. This is a post that ONLY works because of the images. I also grew up in this area and remember with very little fondness these clunky computers. Can’t imagine what the new generation thinks of them.

Tween Us: 10 favorite tween posts of the past year

Why: We hear the word “aggregation” all the time but it’s usually about other people’s posts. Here, Shannan aggregates her favorite posts from the first year of her blog in a very visual, very attractive way. Instead of just putting in a bunch of links, Shannan found a creative way to tell her own story.

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