ChicagoNow's best posts of May, 2013

Once again, there were too many great posts to choose from. You guys submitted probably 20 posts that could have easily won in other months. Great job in May, everyone!

The Top 10 in no particular order:

Janet Dahl, et al: Ten Things I Want to Tell Mommy Bloggers

Raining Cats and Dogs: Tornado Aftermath: Chicago Groups Assist in Oklahoma Pet Rescue

Baby Sideburns: Ten Things I F’ing Want for Mother’s Day

Daily Chicago Sports Tab: ESPN & the SEC: The Official End of Amateur Athletics

Part Time: An Unpopular and Arrogant Post

Steve Dale’s Pet World: Without Cats, Birds Would Suffer and So Would We

Red Light District: Hawks Game 7 Win Will Last a Lifetime

Cancer is Not a Gift: Cancer Etiquette

South of I-80: The Book that Can’t Be Returned

Interesting Chicago: Sun-Times Lays Off All Staff Photographers

Third Place: Red Light District: Hawks Game 7 Win Will Last a Lifetime
Why: It’s one thing to tell people a win will last a lifetime. It’s something else to walk a reader through this history of the organization and explain to them WHY a win is so meaningful. Jay did a beautiful job of the later in this post.

Third Place: Janet Dahl, Et Al: Ten Things I Want to Tell Mommy Bloggers
Why: The greatest gift one woman can give to another is sound, non-judgmental advice born of years of experience. Janet’s post to the Mommy Bloggers of the world was sweet, kind, and practical, in addition to being highly-credible (she seems to have survived raising her children, which is something we all aspire to). Janet might as well have dropped the mic when she walked out of the room.

Third Place: South of I-80: The Book that Can’t Be Returned
Why: If you’ve read Joan Didion’s “The Year Of Magical Thinking,” you were probably struck by how grief can strike those of us who have lost someone in the most unlikely places. Here, a borrowed book that can never be returned serves as a jumping off point for remembering a departed friend. Really moving stuff.

Second Place: Interesting Chicago: Chicago Sun-Times Lays Off All Staff Photographers
Why: Nationally, this was a huge story, and I was pleased to see how many of our bloggers chose to touch on this issue. But Peter, a long-time photographer who remembers when print journalism ruled in Chicago, took the cake when it came to talking about what this move meant for Chicago and for  journalism. Heartfelt and powerful, it asked readers to ponder what we’re willing to give up in the age of fast-and-cheap journalism.

First Place: Cancer Is Not  A Gift: Cancer Etiquette
Why: Even weeks after reading it, I’m still floored that such a simple post was able to arouse such a reaction from so many. Often times, telling people something they need to know makes the best blog posts, and this was one of those times. I have no idea what to say to or how to help those diagnosed with cancer. What’s more, I didn’t even KNOW I didn’t know until Kerri told me. This post was hugely shared and helped a great many people. Exactly what blogging is all about.

Congrats to everyone mentioned. I can’t wait to see what you guys come up with in June!

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