Top 25 most-viewed posts/blogs on ChicagoNow: May 13-19

Top 25 Most-Viewed Individual Posts

1. Baby Sideburns: Yo Channing Tatum, this pap smear’s for you

2. Baby Sideburns: Ten things I really F’ing want for Mother’s Day

3. Music Mom: Is Macklemore gay? Funny, he had the same question himself

4. Baby Sideburns: Men experience simulated labor. Who the hell doesn’t want to see two grown men writhing in pain?

5. Show Me Chicago: Chicago Summer 2013: Festival and Events Calendar

6. Moms Who Drink And Swear: The Great Gatsby inspired guide to addressing the breast vs. bottle debate

7. Chicago Sports Media Watch: Samantha Raddock talks potential Sports Nutz Reunion (Exclusive)

8. Portrait of an Adoption: The Sexy Merida Makeover: A BRAVE Six-Year-Old Isn’t Buying It

9. Hammervision: 7 Reasons Why Game of Thrones is Not for Women

10. Bully Boot Camp: Abercrombie & Fitch CEO made a BIG FAT Mistake

11. Picks & Ponderings: 2013 Preakness Stakes Picks and Ponderings

12. Gwynspiration for Weight Loss: Weight Loss Success: 25 things that have improved since losing 100 lbs

13. I Want A Dumpster Baby: I Still Miss Smoking

14. Cubs Den: The Cubs are fun to watch again.

15. The Barbershop: Dennis Byrne, Proprietor: Full frontal nudity could be the future of network TV

16. Cubs Den: Cubs favorites for 2 of the top 10 international free agents

17. J.O.Y. Love: Lessons in Love Sex and Dating: Get Laid Tonight! The Top 10 Hottest Sex Songs

18. Cubs Den: Anthony Rizzo locked up by Cubs, Samardzija and Garza next?

19. Cubs Den: Cubs Minors Recap: Johnson overpowering; Baez progressing; Soler just keeps hitting

20. Cubs Den: Cubs Minors Recap: Soler, Geiger have huge days; Maples impresses; MLB Draft Update

21. Baby Sideburns: The Abercrombie & Fitch CEO needs to go F himself

22. Cubs Den: Willson Contreras emerges as Cubs best catching prospect

23. Cubs Den: Travis Wood fits the Cubs plan to a tee — so is he a core player?

24. Chicago Bulls Confidential: Keep Nate Robinson

25. Adventures In House Hunting: Hold your horses Condo Owners, it’s not 2005 pricing just yet

Top 25 Most-Viewed Blogs Overall

1. Baby Sideburns

2. Music Mom

3. Cubs Den

4. Show Me Chicago

5. Chicago Sports Media Watch

6. Hammervision

7. Moms Who Drink And Swear

8. Lists That Actually Matter

9. Portrat of an Adoption

10. Chicago Bulls Confidential

11. Chicago Bears Huddle

12. Tween Us

13. Bully Boot Camp

14. High Gloss and Sauce

15. Listing Toward Forty

16. J.O.Y. Love Lessons in Love Sex and Dating

17. Katalin Health & Fitness Driven

18. Picks & Ponderings

19. Chicago Garden

20. Steve Dale’s Pet World

21. The Barbershop: Dennis Byrne, proprietor

22. Cheaper Than Therapy

23. Gwynspiration for Weight Loss

24. I Want A Dumpster Baby

25. Wendy @ Families in the Loop

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