ChicagoNow's best photo gallery posts of April, 2013

Disclosure: I’ve been hemming and hawing about selections all day. Every month, this contest gets harder to judge, which is a real testament to the hard work and talent of the ChicagoNow Community. This month, it really took me a long time to narrow the list down to 5 winners. In fact, it took me an entire day to get my list down from 20 posts to 5. That’s how stiff the competition was.

The criteria for the Best Gallery Post is as follows:

– The photo gallery must be the prime option for which you tell your story in the post.
– At least seven photos must be used in a gallery for it to qualify.
– Judging is based on originality, quality of the storytelling, overall creativity and the use of photos and captions.

Here are the five judged to be the best photo gallery posts of the month. Thanks to everybody who created and submitted their galleries, and congratulations to the winners!

Running with a Book Cart: How not to be a jerk after the Boston Marathon bombing (or any other tragedy)

Why: Amid the anger and confusion around the Boston Marathon bombing, many of us were appalled and saddened by the lowest-common-denominator’s take over of social media. It seemed you there was little refuge from the idiocy, and many of us walked away from social media altogether. Holly’s funny yet 0h-so-true approach to the ignorance was a balm on a still open wound, and the post that reminded me that America really is better than the sum of our Tweets.

Another Look At Chicago: Days of Rain: Chicago Flooding & Road Closures – Photos

Why:  First off, Rick is a fantastically-talented photographer, and some of these photos are quite stunning. He did a great job of trying to describe what was going on in Chicago during the flooding, but nothing really hammers the cold, wet truth home until you get to the images.  I flipped through them again three times in the last 24 hours (you’re welcome for the pageviews, Rick), they’re that good.

Show Me Chicago: Chicago’s Best Comfort Food: The Top 10 on Show Me Chicago

Why: I’m a huge sucker for local food galleries, which is why I get sucked into all the various Tribune articles on the same topic. All that aside,  this is a good example of a) a great idea and b) great execution. Not only is the gallery title one that most of us would be hard pressed NOT to click on, but Carole used big, colorful photos that were fun to look it. This, my frents, is what Chicago food (and Chicago blogging) is all about.

Waiting 4 Cubs: Cubs Opening Day Photo Gallery

Why: This gallery beautifully captures the before, during, and after of Opening Day, along with some great “behind the scenes” shots. To my knowledge, Floyd is not a pro photographer, but there are some real gems in here. Also, even though he had 33 photos in this gallery, almost every image is captioned. Love that.

Chicago Bears Huddle: Grading the Chicago Bears’ 2013 NFL Draft

Why: This is a beautifully done gallery with big, bright photos and a ton of analysis in the photo captions themselves. Each image almost serves as a page for the individual draft pick, and it illustrates how much you can do with a photo gallery.

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