Top 25 most-viewed posts/blog on ChicagoNow: April 8-14

Top 25 Most-Viewed Individual Posts

1. Baby Sideburns: Ode to a cockini/ wieniekini/ or whatever the F you want to call it

2. Music Mom: Is Macklemore Gay? Funny, he had the same question himself

3. Baby Sideburns: Who takes care of Mommy when Mommy’s sick? Bwahahahahahaha! Trick question!

4. Clean, Convenient Cuisine: Best and worst: Top 10 most inflammatory and anti-inflammatory foods

5. Cheaper Than Therapy: 9 Abbreviated words adults need to stop saying

6. Dispatches from the Northwest Side: The Worst Thing a Man Can Say to a Woman in Her 20’s

7. Mary Tyler Mom: Listen to Your Mother, Yo

8. An Atheist in Wheaton: There has never been a word of god

9. Hammervision: 10 Movies You Loved As A Kid That Actually Suck

10. Wendy @ Families in the Loop: Best 4 Excuses, I Mean Reasons, to Get Out of Sex With Your Spouse

11. I Want A Dumpster Baby: The Parent Trap

12. Daily Chicago Sports Tab: 2013 NFL Mock Draft: 3-Round Jersey Edition

13. Cubs Den: Should the Cubs consider dealing Javier Baez and other thoughts on the rebuilding process

14. Mary Tyler Mom: When Facebook Sucks

15. From the Dean of Parents: My disappointment with Tyler Perry’s Temptation movie

16. Moms Who Drink And Swear: A Procrastination Intervention

17. Red & Company: Bar etiquette at 42 vs 22: The age debate

18. Dave TV: Did Showtime’s “Shameless” go too far with “Retard Nation” storyline?

19. Running With A Book Cart: Kicking them while they’re down: Haters attacking Rick Warren after his son’s suicide

20. I Want A Dumpster Baby: Alcoholism: The Only Disease That Tells Me That I Don’t Have a Disease

21. Show Me Chicago: Chicago Summer 2013: Festival and Events Calendar

22. Mom, I Think I’m Poignant! Columbia College Chicago’s “Manifest” Destiny

23. Cubs Den: Cubs Home Opener Notes and Preview: Renovation deal close? MLB Draft, Jeimer Candelario

24. Cubs Den: 2013 MLB Mock Draft: 1.0: First round through Cubs 2nd round pick

25. Hammervision: 12 Recent Movies You Probably Haven’t Seen, But Should

Top 25 Most-Viewed Blogs Overall

1. Baby Sideburns

2. Music Mom

3. Cubs Den

4. Moms Who Drink And Swear

5. Cheaper Than Therapy

6. Hammervision

7. Lists That Actually Matter

8. Show Me Chicago

9. Clean Convenient Cuisine

10. Dispatches From the Northwest Side

11. Steve Dale’s Pet World

12. I Want A Dumpster Baby

13. Wendy @ Families in the Loop

14. Chicago Sports Media Watch

15. Mary Tyler Mom

16. Dave TV

17. Chicago Bulls Confidential

18. An Atheist in Wheaton

19. Portrait of an Adoption

20. Running With A Book Cart

21. Daily Chicago Sports Tab

22. Katalin Health & Fitness Driven

23. High Gloss and Sauce

24. Chicago Bears Huddle

25. From the Dean of Parents

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