Top 25 most-viewed posts/blog on ChicagoNow: April 1-7

Top 25 Most-Viewed Individual Posts

1. Red & Company: Bar etiquette at 42 vs 22: The age debate

2. Music Mom: Is Macklemore Gay? Funny, he had the same question himself

3. Baby Sideburns: Hells yeah, a vagi steam demonstration! Blaggh, I feel gross just typing the word vagi

4. Clean, Convenient Cuisine: Best and worst: Top 10 most inflammatory and anti-inflammatory foods

5. Hammervision: The 5 Best Movie Theaters in Chicago*

6. North Shore Real Estate Chatter: $18 Million Worth of North Shore Homes to Be Torn Down Soon

7. Moms Who Drink and Swear: The Karma Train to Parentville

8. Mary Tyler Mom: Lost and Found: Read This Post If You Need Your Faith Restored in Humanity

9. Moms Who Drink And Swear: Lean into your own life

10. I Want A Dumpster Baby: A Day in the Life of Baby Twins

11. Lists That Actually Matter: 5 Reasons Kim Kardashian Is not Actually Pregnant

12. Lists That Actually Matter: 6 More Reasons Kim Kardashian is STILL is not Actually Pregnant

13. Cubs Den: Cubs Notes and Preview: Whitenack claimed, Castillo the secret weapon, and will Cubs trade an OFer?

14. Cubs Den: MLB Draft Update: My top 10 picks, Draft Pool $$ Announced, Is Gray challenging Appel for #1?

15. Cubs Den: Kane County Cougars release their tentative roster: Here’s who I’ll be watching

16. Cubs Den: Game Preview and Thread: And now batting 4th for your 2016 Chicago Cubs…Dan Vogelbach?

17. Interesting Chicago: PHOTOS: The saloon life

18. Cubs Den: 2013 MLB Mock Draft: 1.0: First round through Cubs 2nd round pick

19. Hammervision: 12 Recent Movies You Probably Haven’t Seen, But Should

20. J.O.Y. Love: Lessons in Love Sex and Dating: Get Laid Tonight! The Top 10 Hottest Sex Songs

21. Cubs Den: Opening Day Notes: Barney to DL, Gonzalez takes spot; Whitenack off 40 man; Cubs, city try to hammer out last minute deal

22. Cubs Den: Minor League Recap: Alcantara HRs; Candelario, Vogelbach, Contreras impress at Kane County

23. When You Put It That Way: Jodi Arias trial: still not over and costing millions

24. Chi-Town Mommy Mayhem: My Child Was Called a Fag on Facebook

25. Cheaper Than Therapy: 10 terrible tips to train my puppy

Top 25 Most-Viewed Blogs Overall

1. Red & Company

2. Cubs Den

3. Baby Sideburns

4. Music Mom

5. Lists That Actually Matter

6. Chicago Sports Media Watch

7. Hammervision

8. Moms Who Drink And Swear

9. Clean Convenient Cuisine

10. Mary Tyler Mom

11. Show Me Chicago

12. I Want A Dumpster Baby

13. Cheaper Than Therapy

14. Steve Dale’s Pet World

15. Portrait of an Adoption

16. Tween Us

17. Chicago Bears Huddle

18. Chicago Bulls Confidential

19. North Shore Real Estate Chatter

20. District 299: The Inside Scoop on CPS

21. Katalin Health & Fitness Driven

22. J.O.Y. Love: Lessons in Love Sex and Dating

23. Six Brown Chicks

24. High Gloss and Sauce

25. The Mayor Daily

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