ChicagoNow at The Laugh Factory: A funny thing happened on the way to a Blathering

A few months ago I sent an email out to all the ChicagoNow bloggers with a simple question: Would you like to perform stand-up at The Laugh Factory?

We meet every few months at ChicagoNow “Blatherings” (Blogger Gatherings) to socialize, drink beer and get to know each other better offline.

Except for a few people, we’re not stand-up comedians. We didn’t know what to expect since this was so far out of our comfort zone, which was certainly the point.

In the end, 27 of us got on stage in front of over 100 people and took a risk. The result was incredible, everyone who went up there looked comfortable and turned what I’d been jokingly calling our “ChicagoNow recital” into a really funny show that lasted two hours and never felt long.

Congratulations to everyone who performed, and enormous thanks to The Laugh Factory for lending us the stage and making this an extremely memorable evening.

Note: Video of the performances are underneath the image of the performer.

(Photos by Chuan D. Vo of

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