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Here at ChicagoNow, we focus a lot on technology when it comes to your blogs. We’re constantly giving you tips on how to optimize your blog, how to promote it effectively via social media, how to configure your settings, add Facebook comments, and on and on and on. But let’s take a moment to focus on what brought you all to ChicagoNow in the first place: a love for writing.

Okay, maybe you don’t love writing specifically, but you love communicating, sharing ideas, and interacting with an audience. Maybe you just love cramming your opinion down people’s throats. It’s all good. That said, unless you guys plan to do video blogs (vlogs) from here on out, writing is the vehicle that allows you get your ideas across to your readers.  Whether you love it or hate it, you’re going to have to confront it.

I’ve been extremely blessed in my life to have wonderful writing teachers from kindergarten all the way through law school. In fact, I would say that I learned more about writing from my AP English teacher than I did in all four years of journalism school. That teacher, Mr. Peterson, made me do two things relentlessly: write and read about writing. Because there are two ways to become a better writer: reading and writing. And that’s it. C’est tout.

With all of that in mind, here are my favorite books for writers. If you’re looking to add to your library, these come with my highest recommendation.

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