Coming June 30 to ChicagoNow: A brand new ChicagoNow

Greetings, and welcome to the last moments of ChicagoNow 1.0.

In a few hours we’re going to be unveiling a completely new site, for our readers and for our bloggers. From approximately 9 p.m. tonight until 11 a.m. Thursday morning the old version will remain viewable and online with one notable exception: Commenting will be turned off during this transition.

When the transition is complete you’ll see a new ChicagoNow home page and each blogger will also have a new home.

Here are a few improvements that will immediately benefit you:

• You will be able to log in using your Facebook account.
• ChicagoNow blogs will be far easier to read on an iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, etc.
• Comments can be published directly to Facebook.
• Our blog search will now suggest blogs to match your query.
• Blog categorization will be vastly improved.
• Blogs show related posts from bloggers writing on similar topics.
• The design is more attractive and less cluttered.

Throughout the summer we’re going to be adding more features, including the ability for you to “follow” your favorite blogs and contribute your own blog posts.

One immediate difference you’ll notice is the elimination of user profiles, and with that your user pics. Not to worry, we’ll have that customizable feature back real soon.

In the meantime you can add a user pic by logging in through Facebook or by going to and uploading an image that will sync up with the email address associated with your ChicagoNow account.

We’re very excited about these changes and hope you will be too. Please send any thoughts, questions or comments to us at

Alright, we’ll see you on the other side.

Jimmy Greenfield
ChicagoNow Community Manager

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