ChicagoNow planned outage

ChicagoNow is going to be offline starting at 9 p.m. tonight. We expect it to be down for several hours but back up well before morning.

This is being done in part because of a server migration but also in preparation for the launch of our new home page/navigation software that will likely take place next week.
We’ll go into more detail as we get closer, but the new software from a company called “Loud3r” will do three very important things:
1. Revamp the ChicagoNow home page to give exposure to many more posts each day.
2. Add a new level of organization, by topic, to ChicagoNow.
3. Vastly improve our search so blogs will actually be searchable by name.

We’ll have more to share as we get closer to launch. Stay tuned, and our apologies for tonight’s down time.

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