Photos of ChicagoNow's February Tweetup

The photos above are courtesy of the talented photographer and friend of ChicagoNow, John Morrison (aka @LocalCelebrity).  You can see more of his work on John’s personal website, Subism. This spring, John will also start an urban photography blog on ChicagoNow.

Thursday’s Tweetup was by far our biggest and craziest one yet. We filled Clark Street Ale House to capacity with a mix of staff from ChicagoNow, RedEye and Metromix as well as dozens of bloggers, potential bloggers and Twitterati.

best part of a Chicagonow tweetup is watching bloggers introduce
themselves to each other. Most of them don’t know the other bloggers’
real names, let alone recognize them in a crowded bar.

An introduction goes something like this:

“Hey, I’m Joe the Cop.”

“No way! I love your blog. I read it all the time. I’m part of Chicago Hearts Trivia!”

“Oh, I’ve wanted to meet you! I love your blog. Last week’s post was hilarious.”

some point, they’ll tell each other their real names, more about their
background and exchange blogging battle stories. The personal
connection made offline carries itself online as the bloggers link more often to each other, comment on each other’s posts and even

The three bloggers behind Off the Markley, Accidentally Sexy and Geek to Me are a perfect example of collaboration. In January, Stephen and Elliot took turns taking Ana out on the town for a date. The “Accidental3some” culminated in a tweetup at Faith & Whiskey.

of Faith & Whiskey, Ana will join the crews of RedEye and Metromix
to hold another tweetup this Friday, Feb. 26 starting at 5 p.m. For
more info and to rsvp, see their Facebook event page.

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