In class with Candid Candace

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Candace Jordan poses with DePaul journalism students.

Candace Jordan, who blogs at Candid Candace here on ChicagoNow, spoke with my students at DePaul University last night.

The class, titled “Managing Digital Communities,” is a combined undergraduate and graduate journalism class. Together 20 students are managing neighborhood blogs for Chicago’s Old Town and Gold Coast neighborhoods. To learn more about the class, check out ChicagoNow Labs.

I invited Candace to class for two reasons. She is one Chicago’s best
bloggers–especially when it comes to taking photos of other
Chicagoans. And she is an expert on Old Town and Gold Coast, having
lived in both neighborhoods since the early 1980s.

During her 45-minute visit, Candace shared her story of a small-town
girl turned Playmate turned socialite. So incredible is her story, Chicago Magazine profiled Candace in its March issue, which is hitting newsstands now.

In 2008, at the suggestion of Today’s Chicago Woman,
Candace started her own blog to chronicle Chicago’s movers and shakers.
Candace continues to run that free-standing blog, also called Candid
, as well as her own blog here on the ChicagoNow network.

She had lots of advice for the DePaul students, though two tips stood out.

“Use photos wherever you can,” she said. “And always use your opinions
in your blogs. It’s what makes you stand out from the crowd.”

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  • Oh my goodness Tracy! What fun I had and what a great class of talented bloggers you have! It was sooooo much fun being there! Thanks so much for the invite.....I can't wait to see the Chicago Now Neighborhood Blogs! :-))))

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