ChicagoNow meet-up this Thursday, Feb. 18

When we were putting together ChicagoNow Radio in November, WGN Program Director Kevin Metheny asked to meet the bloggers. He wanted a better understanding of them offline.

So we organized a meet-up at Clark Street Ale House, as we do almost every month. About 50 bloggers turned up that night, making it our biggest meet-up yet.

The event was unlike anything Kevin had ever seen. That’s saying a lot for the man who was named “Pig Virus” by Howard Stern.

“It was like a parade of characters,” Kevin said later. “You never knew what they were going to say next.”

We think that’s a good thing–both online and off.

So that’s why we are inviting everyone to join us for a ChicagoNow meet-up. This Thursday, Feb. 18 we will gather for drinks starting at 6 p.m. at the Clark Street Ale House. The bar is located at 742 N. Clark and a short walk from the Chicago Ave. stop on the Red Line.

If you want to meet some of our bloggers or talk to the staff about starting your own blog on ChicagoNow, do drop by.

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  • I'll be there! And if anyone wants to leave with me to see my "Breakfast Club: the Totally 80s Musical", we'll share a cab and I'll get you in!
    Yay, synergy!!

  • I'd LOVE to see your fabulous new show, Jason. What time does it start?

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