ChicagoNow Radio to air on WGN Radio 720, starting this Saturday

A few weeks ago, WGN Radio 720  asked us if we wanted to do a radio show with them. We said yes–because really, who turns down one of the nation’s greatest radio stations?

ChicagoNow Radio, a new kind of talk show for Chicago, launches this Saturday, Nov. 14 at 9 a.m. Most weeks the show will run from 9 a.m. until 1p.m. and feature a rotating cast of ChicagoNow bloggers talking about everything that matters to Chicagoans. Chicago radio veteran Bill Leff will host the show.

More details, including a ChicagoNow Radio blog, are to come soon. But here’s the official annoucement from WGN.


Chicago Radio Veteran Bill Leff to Host Program Featuring Rotating Cast of ChicagoNow Bloggers

November 10, 2009 – WGN Radio today announced a new program, set to debut this Saturday, November 14. 

ChicagoNow Radio, hosted by Chicago radio veteran Bill Leff, will air Saturdays from 9am-1pm and feature a rotating cast of bloggers from, the local blog network that officially launched in August as the new place for Chicagoans to connect and share their interests. 

Leff will chat with different ChicagoNow bloggers each week, focusing on the most newsworthy, irreverent, eye-opening and entertaining topics of the week while celebrating all great things local to Chicago.

“WGN wanted to create a boundary-free radio celebration of Chicago life,” says WGN Radio Program Director Kevin Metheny. “ChicagoNow is a collection of fascinating people who can’t stop themselves from constantly telling Chicago’s story as they see it in a dynamic, refreshing, and sometimes disturbing way. This will be a crazy collision of experiences and perspectives.”

“ChicagoNow is home to 126 of Chicago’s best experts,” says ChicagoNow Editorial Director Tracy Schmidt. “Every day they write about what makes Chicago both great and second-rate. On air, our bloggers will never be at a loss for words. We can’t wait to hear what they have to say every Saturday on WGN.”

Weekly podcasts of ChicagoNow Radio will be available at, along with links to the week’s featured blogs. For more information, visit

Scheduling Note: ChicagoNow Radio will be affected by sports programming on WGN Radio from time to time. Specifically, this Saturday’s premiere broadcast will air from 9am to 10:30am due to Northwestern Football. During baseball season, the show’s regularly scheduled time will be 9am-12pm.


About ChicagoNow

ChicagoNow is a local website that features over 100 of the city’s best bloggers, including local celebrities and experts. At ChicagoNow, Chicagoans discuss everything ranging from fashion and music to sports and politics. ChicagoNow is also home to relaunched RedEye website.

About WGN Radio

Chicago’s WGN Radio 720, the 2009 IBA Large Market Station of the Year, is dedicated to being the #1 source of Chicagoland entertainment, news, sports, and information. WGN Radio is the official broadcaster of the Chicago Cubs, the Chicago Blackhawks, and Northwestern University and celebrates over 80 years of broadcasting in Chicago. For more information or to listen online, visit


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  • What a great way to get to know the personalities behind the keyboard! I can just see discussion junkies tuning in and enjoying lively banter brought on by sizzling topics before they hit the hot spot for the night. A little red wine, some on-air raucous relevancy, and room full of opinionated divas and divos...sounds like a party (especially if the blogger has a kickin' personality and as a bonus, there are some call-ins allowed)...

  • Chicago Now is one nice and neat idea. Kevin Metheny is bacically a programming genius and I will be listening. I am the spokesperson for Chicago's Game (you mean you didn't know 16 Inch Softball is King?)
    Few activties refect The Neighborhood feeling of our City as this game. Bob Sirott is a big star in the game and also presents Chicago happenings all the time. Good Luck Bill Leff. This should be fun..

    George Bliss
    Chicago 16 Inch Softball Hall of Fame Spokesperson

  • i usually sleep in on saturday mornings but if there's a podcast i might check it out after the fact. meantime, FWIW, i did my best to defend chicagonow's honor with this post responding to robert feder's unfair attack


  • Tracy... use your radio voice! hahaha Is it cool to put inside jokes on here? If so tag your it!

  • thanks for the info! I'll be sure to tune-in while running those Saturday morning errands when I'm in-town. Yet since I'm always on the road, can you try to post a weekly Chgo Now recap on u-tube?

  • Some delivery men were playing your show last week inside their truck...when your demographics reachs blue as well as white collar listeners, you're on to something

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