ChicagoNow Swag

Today we launched our very own online store powered by Zazzle where you can purchase swag such as t-shirts, buttons and stickers from your favorite ChicagoNow blogs. Feel free to customize merchandise by changing the design or adding your own–just hit the “customize it” button and have some fun with it! Keep checking back because we’ll be adding much more.

To visit the store, go to the “Our Swag” tab at the top of the site or click here:*

If you have any design ideas you’d like to share, send them to


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  • Just curious as to the rationale of changing 'Our Blogs' to 'Our Experts'. I thought part of ChicagoNow was that it's unconventional, biased, non-authoritative voices. 'Experts' seems like a weird word choice to me.

  • Me too- because I blog, and my area of "expertise" is really narrow!

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