ChicagoNow Ad Campaign

At ChicagoNow, our goal is to get people talking
about local topics and issues. We do this with our thought-provoking
stories, photos and video, but also with our latest ad campaign. On
city trains, buses and bus shelters we’ve plastered some interesting
quotes inspired by ChicagoNow blogs to try and spark some
conversations. We also have some fun surprise stunts planned that you
may unsuspectingly run into –we’re always thinking of ways to remind
people that ChicagoNow is Open for Discussion.

Have you seen ChicagoNow around town? What do you think?

This ad is part of our CTA ad campaign. 


This Michigan Avenue campaign was to promote our blog “Arresting Tales”

Arresting Tales

Does seeing these guys in orange jumpsuits freak you out or pique your interest?

Cuff Check


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  • I saw the billboard on the inbound Eisenhower

  • love the orange jumpsuits.
    wanna dress folks up as crossing guards for my blog?
    ps -- pique not peak (i think)

  • In reply to AlexanderRusso:

    Nice catch :)

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