Bloggers Wanted

At ChicagoNow, we’re always looking for new bloggers to add to our network. If you have a blog to suggest, please email us at

For us, a great blog is:

    * Chicagoland-centric
    * Focused around a specific topic or topics
    * Written in a strong and unique voice
    * Updated at least every other day
    * Regularly includes photos and/or videos
    * Has a loyal, engaged community of readers
    * Promoted on social media sites like Twitter and Facebook

Even if you just have an idea for a blog, we want to hear from you. Many ChicagoNow bloggers did not have an existing blog when they approached us. They simply had great ideas, expertise in their fields, the willingness to learn quickly and unlimited enthusiasm.
Caitlin Giles of Wee Windy City is a great example. Caitlin is a
lawyer-turned-freelance writer and mom of three small kids. When we
unveiled the ChicagoNow beta site in May, Caitlin emailed us just days
later with her pitch for an urban mommy blog. Wee Windy City launched
two weeks later.

In the three months since then, Caitlin has become a top-rate blogger.
She has worked with her ChicagoNow community manager, Alicia Eler, to
learn what makes a popular blog post, how to engage with her readers
and how to promote her content across the web.

On Monday night, Caitlin attended a workshop at the Tribune with our
SEO director, Brent Payne, and our social media director, Muhammad

At the workshop, Muhammad explained how to create a great viral post.
On Tuesday, Caitlin used what she learned in her post about the new homeless American Girl doll. By the day’s end, it received more than 20,000 pageviews.

The moral of this post? If you’re thinking about blogging, give it a try and drop us an email.

We hope to launch our 200th blog by New Years. Maybe it will be yours.

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  • Yeah for Caitlin! She's a great writer and a great person and I'm so happy for your partnership with her!

    But, please, ChicagoNow, do you have to put those gruesome Hades ads on ALL your sites - including the child-oriented ones? My kids were looking over my shoulder when I logged into Wee Windy City and they got a big eyeful of the girl vomiting black blood.

    That's not right.

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