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ChicagoNow is a new Web site. We think of it as an online town square where we talk about the real Chicago with each other.

There is more to Chicago than deep-dish pizza, long winters and corrupt politics. We know that Chicago is the city that gave the world a president and may host the world in 2016. It is home to brilliant artists and thinkers, theaters and restaurants, pro and amateur sports.

We wanted to do this new Chicago justice on the Web, to create a place where Chicagoans can connect with others who share their interests–and also with those who don’t. Who doesn’t like a heated discussion?

To create this online community, we recruited experts in specific
Chicago topics. Some already had successful blogs and they brought
their blogs over to ChicagoNow. Some of them pitched an idea to us and
we let them run with it. A few didn’t know what a blog was until we
explained it to them.

ChicagoNow is now home to 72 blogs, which cover topics including the
CTA, Chicago Public Schools, fashion, yoga, hip hop, religion, politics
cooking and every pro Chicago sports team. New blogs are being added
weekly and we’re always looking for suggestions. Have an idea for a
blog? Email us at

Today, you can start by registering for a profile
on ChicagoNow. It’s free and takes less than two minutes. Once
you’re registered, you can comment on any of our blogs. To see what we
expect of our users, check out our Community Guidelines and our
Comments Policy. We also hold our bloggers to certain standards, which
are listed in our Blogger Guidelines.

Don’t know where to begin? The ChicagoNow homepage is a good place to
start. Our staff keeps it fresh around the clock with content that
compliments the day’s headlines and local events. Looking for a
particular blog? You can search our index of blogs on the “Our Blogs
page. Or if you already like a certain blog post, scroll down to the
bottom and see what similar blogs we recommend.

If you have more questions, check out our FAQ
that tells you more about what ChicagoNow is, how to use the site
and where we are going next. You can also follow along with our latest
developments right here on our staff blog. For more about who the
ChicagoNow staff is, read our bios.

We’re constantly making improvements to the site and we know it’s not perfect yet–then again, what community is perfect?

In the months ahead, we will add a community blog so users can submit
their own blog posts, photos and videos directly to the site.

Meantime, if you do find a technical problem or want to suggest an improvement let us know via email at Your feedback is always welcome.

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  • Hope you all enjoy your visit!

  • And look for our commercial during the Cubs game tonight!!

  • food is great sights are great cubs are great, but they need to wake up real soon let it be tonight.

  • This is an important and remarkable undertaking....Suggest that you develop a marketing program to make thousands and thousands of folks who live and/or work in Chicago aware of these efforts and resources. With a big and active audience, the information that will be provided will be unbelievable and invaluable in many ways.

  • I know you guys have lots more blogs now and needed to have a better organizing page, but I miss the full list of blogs! Couldn't you still have that as an option?

  • This is my first time here. I would like to start a blog about Chicago History, and especially, talk with Tracy Schmidt. My family has been in Chicago since 1847, and probably before. My great grandfather was part owner of the Limestone Quarry from which the WaterTower was built. How do I contact Tracy? And are there any other Chicagoans here whose family was here before the Chicago fire? Would like to get toether -- maybe Daughters of the Chicago Fire or Old Chicagoans as the name of a Chicago blog? My last name is SCHMIDT.

  • Hey Tracy!

    Now Park Ridge has both you and Hillary to brag about. Good for you and for your entire venture. As to the blogs, I sent a request to the editors (including you?) about considering my blog for inclusion. It's different than anything you have. Rather than newsy headlines, it's strong, daily, social-cultural commentaries from a professional educator/writer who's been part of Chicagoland for more than 75 years. My regular contributions to the op-ed pages of the Tribune, SunTimes, Lerner Papers and Extension Magazine give a taste of what I have to say. Who knows -- maybe you young guys see a slot for one of the old guys. Especially if you're looking for real 360-degree outreach

    Jack Spatafora

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