ChicagoNow update: Sights seen and site scene

Watching the site come together so quickly is a pretty wild experience for all of us working on ChicagoNow.

But it is an even bigger kick to watch ChicagoNow come to life in person.

That’s what happens when our bloggers get together. And that’s what happened Thursday
night as we marked our second full month in existence with a gathering at Joey’s Brickhouse, owned by Food Fight bloggers Greg and
Joey Morelli


Toth’s first blogger meetup

Here are some of the images
ingrained in my head: Sex blogger Anna Pully and Godless blogger Rob
swapping memories of their previous meeting. . . . Feast of
Fun’s Fausto Fernós
giving dating and blogging advice to our as-yet-unlaunched dating advice bloggers. . . . Frugalista’s Carrie Kirby
carrying her 2-week-old baby boy Toth around. . . . Chicago Bar-Tender Marian
accepting many congrats for her Tweet lawsuit story that was
translated around the world. . . . Our upcoming foreclosure
expert Stephanie Walker meeting her first ChicagoNow blogger, ironically enough, Rent or
Buy’s Maureen Wilkey
. . . Sherman offering tours of “The Sherman-ator,”
his RV that was parked outside Joey’s. (Apparently Rob and I’m
Spiritual Dammit’s Jen Weigel
both have ways to find parking spaces). .
. . Then there were those
Jameson shots or this paragraph would be

Thanks to the hard work of the ChicagoNow bloggers and staffers, we had
reason to be in a pretty good mood. We finished July with more than
1.2 million pageviews and 500,000 unique visitors. That’s up from the
700,000 and 250,000 in June. We have more than 4,000 registered users.

A special thanks goes to our bloggers’
community members. We appreciate your vital role and your patience as
we build out the site.

Our work is far from over, though. August will mark our move out of
beta, a new home page, more blogs and the first big marketing push.

And no doubt another blogger gathering.

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  • Loved having all the bloggers at Joey's Brickhouse. It was nice putting a face to all the great writers on

    Let's make The Last Thursday of Every Month a regular event, we can even call it: "Boozing with the Bloggers."


  • Leave it to my brother, he's too self-involved to thank Tracy Schmidt for putting together such a fun night. And Bill Adee for being the last man standing with a beer.

    But I will say a good thing about my brother, he's the master of silly ideas, like "Boozing with the Bloggers." Silly ideas rule the universe.

    Hope to see everyone again soon.

  • The bloggers of ChicagoNow are like the Green Party of Chicago journalism. We let everybody in!

    Gays and Straights, young and old, heathens and believers, conservatives and liberals. The best part was that everyone got along great and everybody was truly equally respected.

    The food was awesome, too. Try the lambchops next time you're at the Brickhouse.

    Long live diversity and long live ChicagoNow!

  • In reply to robsherman:

    Amen, Rob.

  • In reply to robsherman:

    It was a great time and so nice to meet people from online in person. Many thanks to the organizers and Joey's Brickhouse for putting this together.

  • In reply to robsherman:

    Great time! The food was fabulous!! YUM.

  • In reply to robsherman:

    I SO wish I could have been there with you kids. Greg, I second your idea of making it a regular monthly event.

  • In reply to robsherman:

    i totally vote for a monthly meet up! it was great to meet/see everyone

  • In reply to robsherman:

    I want to be invited next time.

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