Upgrading ChicagoNow Wednesday

Update as of 11:45 — We’re about 90% done with our site upgrade this morning, so any site weirdness should be calming down by now.

We have gotten some reports of users having troubles submitting comments in IE7 and some other, newer browsers. Basically after they post a comment, they get a message telling them their comment is posting, but the spinning wheel never stops. Good news is that the comment is, in fact, being posted. Reloading the page will usually eliminate the spinning wheel and show the post. We’ll work to get that fixed, though.

Hope you’ve also noticed the new “Tweet this” link at the bottom of posts and the “Retweet” tool at the top. We added this to make it easier for Twitter users to share posts from ChicagoNow with their tweeps. Go forth and tweet!!

Will update one more time when the upgrade is complete. Thanks for the patience as always!

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Starting at 8 a.m. Wednesday, things may get a bit weird on ChicagoNow.

Well, weirder than usual, at least.

That’s because we’re going to be doing a site upgrade that could last for a few hours. We’re not expecting any kind of site downtime, but it’s possible the site could experience some “unforeseen artifacts” while we make changes and sort things out.

The main reason for the upgrade is to beef up the technology behind the scenes and to add a feature we think will really improve the site: threaded comments.

Since ChicagoNow is all about the conversation, we felt it was time to improve our commenting system by adding threaded comments. It’s something most of our bloggers and users have been asking for pretty much since the day we launched ChicagoNow.

Here’s a sample of what comment threads will look like starting tomorrow morning:


ChicagoNow’s new threaded comments.

As you can see, this is a big change from our current comment system, which doesn’t offer threading of any kind. Adding a comment should be even easier with this new system. Signing in to comment is simple and right inside the comment area itself:


inside the comments

Once you are signed in, clicking on reply anywhere within the thread or starting a new conversation at the bottom of the page is simple. Just enter your comment in the box and post it:


Posting a comment

You’ll see a “posting” message and a few seconds later your comment will appear as entered:


Comment posting message

That’s pretty much it. As always, you’ll need to sign up and create a ChicagoNow profile in order to comment. We’re also hoping to make the experience as similar as possible across multiple browsers and computers, although that’s certainly not easy. ChicagoNow comments are optimized for use on modern browsers like Firefox 3.0 and IE 7 and later, so if you’re still using IE 6, PLEASE UPGRADE!!

What else is new with the new site upgrade? Mostly behind-the-scenes improvements that will make the lives of your faithful ChicagoNow staffers much easier. But we’ve also made some improvements to search, simplified pages featuring recent posts, added Twitter tools to posts, and set the stage for some exciting new upgrades with photos on ChicagoNow (more to come…).

So please bear with us if you run into any problems on the site Wednesday morning. It’s all so that we can make the site better for everyone. As always, leave your comments here if you have problems or send us a note at staff@chicagonow.com and we’ll respond as quickly as possible. Thanks for using ChicagoNow and make sure you tell your friends that we are open for conversation!

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  • yeah . . . threaded comments! looking forward to the upgrade.

  • In reply to caitlingiles:

    Yeah I think this is going to be a great release. The best yet!

  • In reply to byrnereese:

    Great release, Byrne. Nice work.

  • In reply to byrnereese:


  • In reply to byrnereese:

    Loving the new features. Thanks Byrne!!

  • In reply to byrnereese:

    Nice work Clark.

    The retweet button is a nice touch, but I'm wondering why no Share on WindyCitizen button. Seem like a natural fit given that CN is local and they're local...

    Just an idea which I'm sure you've probably already heard but if not. There ya go.

  • In reply to MrBrownThumb:

    Thanks. That's a good idea, considering our local focus. We'll look to get that added.

  • In reply to byrnereese:

    One more thing: when the Prof Gates thing happened I was refreshing the CN homepage to see the comments and was wishing comments were also available in a tab in the header like 'Recent Posts' and 'Our Blogs' instead of just four of them on the homepage. Being able to see dozens of comments, at once, in one area may give users a better feel for what is being discussed on CN.

  • In reply to MrBrownThumb:

    Got something along those lines in the wings. I agree that it's a nice way to get people into the conversation quickly!

  • In reply to MrBrownThumb:

    Stop me if you heard this one already:

    Comment permalinks.

  • In reply to MrBrownThumb:

    Good suggestion, Mr. Thumb!

    Actually, we already have these, although not everybody appears to have noticed. On comments, there is a "posted on" line followed by a date and time. That date field is actually the permalink to the comment itself.

    Hope that's what you were looking for!

  • In reply to ClarkBender:

    You know what the sad thing is? The date field is also the permalink on the Blogger blogs I've been running and using for years. So it should've occurred to me to look there.

    *shakes head*

    Thanks for taking the time to reply though.

  • Update on this morning's upgrade. The hard, behind the scenes work appears to be done. Now we are going through the blogs one at a time and updating their templates and settings. Comments may look a bit weird until we get through each individual blog. Bear with us!

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