The numbers--and a new baby--are in

Just dropping a quick note to share our latest success story with you.

We crunched the numbers this morning for our site traffic in June. As Bill would say, it was tremendous.

ChicagoNow had 702,000 pageviews in June. Of those, 342,000 (49 %) were local pageviews. The site also had 348,000 visitors in June, with 147,000 (42 %) visitors from Illinois.

We’re stoked about this, especially considering we’ve yet to market the site beyond Twitter and Facebook. The community managers and I want to thank our bloggers for their hard work and thank their readers for the suppport. We’re big fans of them and glad you are too.

We’re also fans of our developer, Byrne Reese, who has a skills set we knew nothing about. Last week, Byrne single-handedly delivered his daughter in the backseat of his car.

For the complete story, check out Byrne’s recount of her birth on his own blog. Congratulations to Byrne and Arin–Daisy is beautiful and we’re all so happy for you.

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  • Wow, great news! About Daisy and Byrne and Arin I mean. Seriously, when I read the headline I thought you were referring to a new blog. But the story about Byrne and his daughter is just awesome.

    As a ChicagoNow blogger who maybe sometimes pushes you guys with requests/ideas/demands, I can say that Byrne (and Ryan and others) have been really gracious and responsiveness. And all the time thinking about the pending delivery of his new daughter. Thank you to all.

    Oh, and congrats to all the ChicagoNow staff and bloggers for a job well done on the launch.

  • And a huge thanks to you, Kevin! You've been integral to the early success of ChicagoNow--we need you and the other bloggers to keep pushing us to build new features, fix bugs and think bigger. Please keep it up!

  • And oh yes, please keep that fantastic blogging up while you're at it.

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