ChicagoNow roundup: The Mark Buehrle perfect game

Mark Buehrle celebrates after his perfect game. In the inset, Dewayne Wise makes the ninth-inning catch that saved Buehrle’s gem.

Moments after Mark Buehrle completed his perfect game on Thursday, our bloggers went to work.

First to chime in was Dennis Byrne, a great conservative pundit and White Sox fan, probably not in that order. He made the excellent observation that Buehrle’s gem pushed aside the stench of former Sox pitcher Jim Parque’s admission of using Human Growth Hormone.

Next up was a post from RedEye sports editor Brian Moore, who asked readers to share stories about where they were when we watched the final outs of the Buehrle perfect game. OK, so where were you?

We sure picked a great day to launch our new White Sox blog, SoxNet, didn’t we? Jason Gage’s post, which he’ll be updating throughout the night, has a roundup of what the Sox and other blogs are saying.

Jason’s simmering mind conjured up this question: Is Buehrle the first in Major Leage history to have won and saved a World Series game and thrown a perfect game and a no-hitter?

Kap’s Corner blogger David Kaplan, who has seen his share of Chicago athletes come and go during his years on the scene, wrote that such an accomplishment couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy.

From the serious to the sublime: White Sox in Haiku took a couple of shots at capturing Buehrle’s perfect game in 17 syllables. Now it’s your turn: can you write the perfect haiku?

And last, at least for the first hour of our coverage, was a report from Breaking Tweets Chicago, which found that at least for a few minutes Mark Buehrle, #whitesox and Chicago White Sox were all Trending Topics.

Take that, Aramis Ramirez, #cubs and Wrigley Field.

Stay tuned to ChicagoNow, where we’ll have many more discussions about Buehrle’s historic gem throughout the night and into tomorrow.

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