ChicagoNow mobile is live

iphone.jpg is now live

In need of a ChicagoNow fix but away from your computer? You no longer have to loiter in the Apple Store or Best Buy. Just direct your web-capable phone to or

The new mobile site features the most recent top stories from all of ChicagoNow and special feeds for RedEye, CTA Tattler (for you folks commuting in to work), and Breaking Tweets Chicago.

The site looks great on a variety of web-capable phones, including the iPhone and Blackberry for you addicts. We’ve included some screenshots and more information after the break.


The ChicagoNow mobile site on a Blackberry


The old school Moto Razr version


The site as viewed on a Nokia N95

This is really just our first toe in the water for ChicagoNow mobile. At the moment the new site only allows you to read articles. In the future, we’ll add more blogs, improved navigation and more interactivity. We also hope to create an iPhone specific application at a future date that will allow you to comment and interact even more.

On the left are a few more screenshots of the ChicagoNow mobile site: one for the Blackberry, Moto Razr and Nokia
N95 versions of the site, but it should work on dozens of other
handsets. Of course, your mileage may vary, so let us know what your experience is like by commenting here or sending an email to


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  • Great step forward! Added it to the iPhone home screen.

  • Nice addition. I've been waiting for another Staff Blog post! Wish they were more frequent. I like to know what's going on behind the scenes.

    And since I have the forum/opportunity now, a comment: I'm getting lost in the sea of blogs! I think it's great that you guys are growing but now I'm overwhelmed. I think part of the problem is that a few of the blogs overlap (especially the sports and baseball blogs) and/or aren't niche-y enough. Just my two cents!

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