We're still working on it

We lifted the password protection on the ChicagoNow beta site a week ago.

So how’s it going?

You tell us.

In the final six days of May, ChicagoNow received 133,000
pageviews–roughly what we had projected for the entire month based on
our calculations during the planning stages.

Blog suggestions and site feedback continue to roll in. We are posting updates on our Staff Blog. Keep those ideas coming.

Developer Byrne Reese is building out a real homepage and a ChicagoNow
community blog, where users can post their own content. We hope to have
both features ready later this month.

Meantime,  we are working hard to launch more blogs–including this new one by former NBC-Telemundo news anchor Vicente Serrano.

As always, we want to thank our bloggers for their work and their loyal readers for joining them here on ChicagoNow.

If you are here for the first time, check out some recent posts or our list of more than 35 blogs on a wide range of Chicago-centric topics.

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  • Thanks for the good thoughts. We hope to add Open ID and threaded comments in the weeks ahead. Keep up the great work on Bulls Confidential.

  • Any chance at some form of shout/chatbox?

  • What's with the blurry photos (for instance that head shot on Brian Moore's Five on Five piece, in the Recent Posts section)?

    I don't know who it is and it's so pixelated it adds no value anyway.

    If you don't have a decent shot, don't use anything.

  • In reply to PatrickBarry:

    Hi Patrick,

    Thank you for your comment. The blurry photos are actually an interesting problem in the system.

    If you visit the actual five on five post, the images are meant to be small logos representing the person,

    But obviously when the posts automatically roll up to the front of the recent posts page, it stretches the small images to fit the format. Those images aren't meant to be that large.

    I've uploaded a replacement image to the post to fix the blurry five on five photo for now on the front of "recent posts."

    It was a good catch on your part. Please let me know if you do see anything else!

    Steph Yiu
    RedEye community manager

  • In reply to PatrickBarry:

    Any chance of adding a "quote" button alongside the "reply" button for commenters?

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