The great blog roll-out continues

Yesterday we launched four more blogs:

Art Talk Chicago. Kathryn Born, who honed her blogging chops at Bad at Sports, will curate this blog about Chicago’s visual arts scene. Kathryn has already built an excellent resource for local art lovers: an online gallery map.

Breath, Body and Balance.  Maya Henderson covers the local yoga scene, which she turned to after tiring of her life as a “semi-professional party girl.”

When In Iran. DePaul sophomore Mohammad Sagha will write dispatches from Iran, where he’s spending the summer on a research grant to cover the Iranian national elections.

Love Lawyer. Corri Fetman, managing partner of the local law firm Fetman, Garland & Associates, Ltd., will blog about love, the law and relationships. Fetman made headlines in 2007 with the billboard “Life’s short. Get a Divorce.” She went on to launch an advice column on

We’re excited that these bloggers will join the dozens of bloggers already on the site. Stay tuned as we plan to unveil several more in the weeks ahead.

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