Site update tonight

We’re updating the site this evening. Users shouldn’t experience any downtime, but it’s possible you’ll see a few weird things on the site between now and 7 p.m. or so. Once we’re done, you’ll notice:

  • An updated version of our test homepage at
  • Fixed userpic and username links in blog comments
  • Some tweaks to improve the site experience in Internet Explorer
  • Various design and technical tweaks
  • Behind-the-scenes tools to help our staff manage the growing site
  • An internal version of the coming community blog we hope to launch soon!

As always, thanks for your patience and let us know if you see anything that’s broken or can be improved. You can send your comments to or add them as comments to this post.

Update: We’re done with tonight’s site maintenance. Not quite all the fixes went through, but as you can see in the comments, there are some other features we were still able to add.

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  • For people following along, we just upgraded the system to Movable Type 4.26. As soon as this checks out we will proceed with an upgrade of Chicago Now.

  • Installing some new plugins now.

  • All finished. Now installing some new plugins: Config Assistant 1.0 to help our wonderful admins, and MT-Notifier by Chad Everett to allow people to soon subscribe (via email) to blog posts and then later to the blogs themselves!

  • I likes me the recent photos on the right rail.

  • Also - check out the right rail of search results. A new and cool widget can be found there. We are also putting the finishing touches on the homepage. We want it to be bulletproof when we are done, so stay tuned about that.

    Comments are not linking properly to profiles either. That is a known issue and one we hope to resolve very soon.

  • It's great to see the permalinks to comments fixed. Now you just have to get those links into the email notifications the bloggers get about comments. Keep up the great work!

  • Starting to take shape, I am really liking it.

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