Help wanted: Apply here

While we’re practicing and preparing for a new homepage, there is still plenty of other work to be done.

For instance, we have a blog all ready to go and no one to do it.

“Chi-City Cineplex” is our idea for a place where we would post newsy, interesting or funny videos about Chicago or by Chicagoans. We named it after mythical viral video king “Mr. Chi-City.”

We have it designed and built, but we’re looking for the right person to oversee it.

If you’re interested in more information, let us know.

If you aren’t ready to displace Mr. Chi-City quite yet, there are still ways to help us. Sign up for a user profile. Report any bugs you see. Suggest a blog idea.

We appreciate the support and advice.

In public beta since May 26, we added our 1,000th registered user on Thursday.

Many thanks to the bloggers and readers who made that possible so quickly.

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