Got Pride, Chicago-style?

ChicagoNow is here, queer and blogging about Pride Weekend.

This year marks the 40th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots in New York, the event that kicked off the U.S. LGBT rights movement.

Nearly half-a-century after the fact, however, we’re still fighting for gay marriage, devastated by the recent Prop8 rulings, and upset with the Obama administration for ignoring all us LGBTQ folks who helped elect him President. Seriously Barack, why haven’t you repealed DOMA already?

So this weekend we’re coming out to celebrate, debate, contemplate, laugh and be in the company of fellow queers. Whether you’re partying with the people, celebrating all things queer with Chicago’s finest stand-up comics, hunkering down with a LGBTQ-authored book inside–who can say no to AC at this time of the summer?–or looking to vent about the commercialization of Pride while still relishing in the festivities, our ChicagoNow bloggers dish the details, and ask you to join the conversation.

gay pride parade.JPG

                                        Credit: Stephanie Janisch for RedEye

Need some comedy to boost your spirits after the announcement of Michael Jackson’s death? Out comedienne Cameron Esposito of Chilarious has a special Pride stand-up comedy guide to get the laughs rolling. She’s performing tonite with fellow queer comic Karen Williams. More jokes roll out as lesbian comedienne favorite Jessica Halem returns to Chicago to make jokes about her pelvis.

Trish Bendix of The L-Blog tells us about everything lesbian-rific happening this Pride weekend. Check out her twopart line-up of lady-friendly Pride events this Friday, and for Saturday, the big day.

Michael Lehet of What’s a Boy To Do writes up an all-inclusive guide to everything Pride-related. Michael will be marching with the Chicago Spirit Brigade, so stop by and say hello!

spirit brigade.jpg

                                                         Credit: Michael Lehet

First time at Pride? Not sure what to wear? (Read: how fabulous you should be?) Check out this guide to Pride survival tips.

Wanna talk politics? Michael Lehet of What’s a Boy To Do? alerted readers of new Pride Parade restrictions, a post that was picked up by both WBEZ and NBC5. Sex and the Windy City blogger Anna Pulley reports that a couple super enthusiastic Pride Moms were the real cause of this year’s new rules. What’s a Boy To Do confers.

And for the bookish at heart, or the nerds like me who always feel like they need to “do their research” before actually doing anything, check out Chicago Subtext blogger Amy Guth’s excellent local LGBT authors list.

But before you do anything at all, help the Howard Brown Health Center figure out who stole Chicago lesbian activist Mary York’s ashes.

Mary York memorial2.jpg

Need more information about Pride weekend? Keep checking back for new posts from Chilarious, What’s a Boy To Do?, The L-Blog and Sex and the Windy City.

Happy Pride weekend, Chicago!


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    Have fun, everyone!

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