Coming soon: More blogs . . . and a new homepage?

We’re getting ready for another big week here at ChicagoNow.

Actually, they’re all big given the required pace of this project.

Still just two weeks into our public beta, we’re adding blogs to
the network daily. We launched The Local Tourist (a visitors’ guide to
Chicago) and Chilarious (a diary of a stand-up comic) on Friday to push
our total to more than 40.

We have several more exciting blogs in the pipeline this week.

Meantime, developer Byrne Reese is busy working on the site. Among his areas of focus:

  • Improving aspects of commenting and profiles.
  • Fixing bugs in the search function.
  • Adding “pretty” profile urls so that everyone has a “profiles/byrnereese” profile instead of the more inscrutable default
  • Creating the new homepage. That’s a big one.

Sign up for a profile and explore. We want your feedback and your ideas for blogs and for site features
you’d like to see. Please add them to the comment thread on this post.

The ChicagoNow crew didn’t take the weekend off. We joined Chicago
blogger Amy Guth at the Printers Row Lit Fest. Check out photos
by Tiff “TheFemGeek” Tate and Amy’s video author interviews on her blog.

Finally, my favorite post of late wasn’t even on the ChicagoNow site.

White Sox Interactive, a site I’ve long admired for the way it built a
community of Sox fans, had this extremely gracious post extending best
wishes to ChicagoNow bloggers Jack McDowell and Mark Liptak.

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  • blog suggestion: -- all about books, used-book stores, authors, publishing and related events/people in Chicago and occasionally elsewhere


  • Thanks for the suggestion, Jules. And, Thomas, I will tell Kyra. I have received a lot of compliments about her blog.

  • I'd like to be able to add favorite blogs as thumbnails or links or something in my profile, instead of signing up for RSS feeds. Also not a big fan of the favicon, feel like talk balloons are so played out right now.

  • OK, I am new to blog sites. I saw a mention of the White Sox Interactive site. My husband would really enjoy this, but I have no idea of how to tell him to get there.
    For now, I'm going to go read some of the information that you have posted, Blogger Guidelines etc and hopefully get a better understanding of how this works. I belong to 'groups' but that is different. I think : )

  • White Sox Interactive isn't on ChicagoNow, but I'm happy to point you toward it:

  • Blog suggestion:
    All about dogs and anti-cruelty issues. Really intelligent writing.

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