ChicagoNow Updated - New Homepage!

We made some updates to the site this afternoon. The most noticeable is the introduction of our new homepage. Still very much a work in progress, but take a look and tell us what you think. Among the additions:

  • An area for community managers to feature favorite entries of the day
  • A daily featured blogger
  • Recent posts and photos on the site

We made a few other tweaks to the site as well:

  • Your userpic and username should now link to your user profile from comments (we’ve noticed that users without userpics aren’t linking correctly, though. One more reason to update your profile with a photo!)
  • The usual design tweaks and bug stomps that, hopefully, make the ChicagoNow experience a bit smoother every time we update.

So many things still on the development and fix hit list, but we’re hoping to unveil our new community blog very soon. Keep your eyes peeled and watch those incoming tweets.  We also know the Internet Explorer experience isn’t quite as smooth as Firefox. We’re working on it. But please get off that Internet Explorer 6 browser if at all possible!

As always, add your thoughts, comments, wishes in the comments here or email the staff. Hope you like the update!

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  • I spoke too soon! Looks like the recent photos on the homepage are having some problems. We're looking into it. It was cool while it lasted, though!

  • Wish clicking on my username on the top of the site brought me to my profile page and not the edit profile page. I want to be able to go to my profile (as others see it) in one click, so that I may easily find the past posts I've commented on.

    Would also like to see a feature that allows us to be notified when other users comment on the same story.

  • Shari, we're working on the comment notification you talk about. No date for release yet, but hoping it's sooner rather than later. We'll take your suggestion for the profile link under consideration, too. I can see how this would be useful. Thanks for the suggestions!

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