Chicago bloggers weigh in on Hal Turner's arrest

Hal Turner was arrested Wednesday
for entries he had posted on his personal blog. Turner, known for his
white supremacist views, allegedly threatened to murder three federal
appeals court judges in Chicago following their recent ruling upholding
handgun ban.

On his blog, Turner had included photos of the judges and addresses for them, with statements
such as: “Let me be the first to say this plainly; These judges deserve
to be killed.”

In the hours after his arrest, several ChicagoNow bloggers weighed in.

Chicago Subtext’s Amy Guth said, “Yow. Let’s hope he doesn’t claim his blog to be creative non-fiction.
Something tells me he won’t be granted much slack in the way of poetic

The Pace of Chicago’s Dave Wallach asked if Turner has the right to shroud himself in the First Amendment or “is he just a loud mouth creep, who should be thrown in the slammer or worse yet, have him internet service disconnected.

Mark Liptak of White Sox Confidential thought Turner was rightfully arrested. He wrote,
“Safeguards need to be created by smart people that eventually will stop
completely or drastically reduce the flow of disgusting, intimidating,
racial things being posted everyday, somewhere on the internet.”

Chicago Bar-Tender’s Marian Wang did some digging of her own and found out that Blogger had flagged Turner’s personal web site. She also linked to the criminal complaint against Turner filed in the U.S. District Court Wednesday

Finally, Joe the Cop of Arresting Tales, analyzed Turner’s past run-ins with the law. He concluded, “People need to understand that, for the Hal Turners and Matt Hales of the world, words do in fact have consequences.


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  • apparently the chicago bloggers are 2 jews, an asian bartender and a cop! Hmmmmm...
    and these are ALL the bloggers you could find in chicago?
    while i certainly love asian women, jews and cops(without radar guns), don't you think the sampling is a LITTLE biased?
    I went to hal turner's webpage and read the entries about the judges. All i can say is SO WHAT?

    Would you like to hear some real physical threats to harm people? Please come to san fran and sit for four hours in our traffic! believe me, you'll threaten to harm anyone you can get your hands on!

    Turner's threats were out of frustration and idignation. As most threats are, they had no immediate or likelihood of ever being carried out. As such they should be dismissed without the expense of a show trial and kangaroo court which will only make people like turner martyrs.

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